Our Patron Mr Alfred George Grove


The New Zealand Homoeopathic Society was formed by Alfred George Grove, a lay practitioner, and a group of his patients and friends on 26 February 1951.  The objectives of the Society were to promote and support the use of homoeopathy in New Zealand and to ensure information was readily available. Alfred Grove was the Society’s first president, and he presented monthly lectures about homoeopathy.  He began to import homoeopathic books, which began the Society’s book selling operation.  Sixty years on, homeopathy has continued to grow in New Zealand and the Society has grown along with it.  Today we have developed into a vibrant and cooperative organisation.

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October hx copy

 Our October edition features:

 Bowel Nosodes

Homeopathy for Pregnancy & Childbirth – Notes from Lecture

NZ Homeopathic History – Dr Charles Fischer

Homeopathy in the Home

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The Society was formed to promote what its charter document calls “pure homoeopathy” which is interpreted to mean especially the methods of Samuel Hahnemann and Clemens von Boenninghausen; but it also champions anything that advances the status of homoeopathy and wider understanding of its methods and medicinal merits. Homoeopathy is a legitimate branch of medicine with its own range of specially prepared medicines and distinctive methods of prescribing them.

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